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Incubation Center from SMEs Development Department

SMEs Development Department Incubation Center

By the assistance of the ASEAN-Japan Integration Fund , ASIA SEED initiate the  Implementation of “Incubation Manager Training Program :Fostering Competitive SMEs in ASEAN by promoting Business-Academia Networking through Entrepreneurship Education Project” among ASEAN States. According to this plan, Myanmar has to participate during 2015 and 2016 in Incubation Manager Program. Thus Thai and Myanmar cooperated and hold the Basic Incubation Manager Training in 20.4.2015 ~24.4.2015 .Deputy Directors from SMEs Development Department of Myanmar were attended to this training program.

In that training , Consulting –based Learning for ASEAN SMEs (COBLAS) training method had been studied and then the five SMEs were chosen and  analyzed by the method of  the Case study ,SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Cross of SWOT and PEST and Business Model Canvas .Then  when the Businesses from Indonesia and Philippine were check and reformed the necessary by the using of  Business Model Optimization (BOM) software ,   it is found in success in Indonesia and Philippine Businesses.

Based on COBLAS method about Marketing will be studied  as advanced training.Then Incubation center will establish in Myanmar to support SMEs by cooperating with Government and Academic. Moreover ,COBLAS method video file ,ppt and text book are uploaded in SMEs Development Department website in order to study .Incubation Center will establish in SMEs Development Department sooner or later.


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