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Mission & Vision


                  To stand firm the nations sustainable economy by supporting the small and medium scales to be transformed Large scale enterprises. 


            (a)      To enhance effective support to SME and to fulfill the basic requirement for National Economic Development by way of promoting more development of SME.

            (b)      To make improvement by evaluation and analyzing the Requirement, Weakness and Difficulties of SME encountered in past.

            (c)       To formulate Laws, Rules, Regulations and System to support SME on Financial Management, Technology Development and Market Development, in  the process of Business Start-up, Operation, Sustainability and Development.

            (d)      To enhance SME to clearly conceptualize and setting the Vision, Goal, Plan and Strategy of their business with high standard.

            (e)       To enable to spread the Production Technology among the people and to nurture the Productive Workforce, by way of importing the basic knowledge of Business Start-up, Financial Management, Production Technology,  Marketing and International treaties related to SME, are to be taught as optional curriculum of Basic Education System.

            (f)        To promote PPP (Private-Public-Partnership) Scheme Systematically among Government Officials, Private Enterprises and Institutions, for the effective support to SMI.

            (g)      To formulate as a Guiding SME Policy of the Government, for the persons who are engaging in the National Economic Development with the production.

            (h)       To provide Safety Net for SME by enacting it in the Law.

            (i)        To provide Financial and Technical support to SME so as to be able to compete with External Business Entities.


                  To contribute SMEs, lifeblood of the nations economy, effectively 

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