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SME Working Committee

 Republic of the Union of Myanmar President Office

 Notification No.11/2013

 12th Waning of Nadaw, 1374 ME (9 January, 2013)

 Formation of Central Committee and Working Committee for

 Development of Small and Medium Enterprises


            Central Committee and Working Committee for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises have been formed with the persons shown hereunder for further development of Small and medium enterprises, pivotal for national economy development and promotion of social-economic status of the people.

(3)       Working Committee for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises
 (a)Vice President (2) Chairman
 (b)Union Minister at the President Office (5)
 (c)Union Minister for Commerce
 (d)Union Minister for Finance and Revenue
 (e)Union Minister for Science and Technology
 (f)Union Minister for Hotels and Tourism

Deputy Minister for Agriculture and Irrigation


Deputy Minister for Communications and

Information Technology

 (i)Deputy Minister for Electric Power Member
 (j)Deputy Minister for Energy Member
 (k)Deputy Minister for Education Member
 (l)Deputy Minister for Health Member

Vice-President of the Republic of the Union of

Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry


Union Minister

Ministry of Industry


Deputy Minister

Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development



(4)       The duties and responsibilities of SMEs Development Working Committee are as follows;-

                      (a)    To draft laws, regulations and procedures for SMEs development and submit them to the central committee for their enactment;

                      (b)    To collect, analyze and report data and information for encouraging small and medium enterprises;

                      (c)    To remove obstacles in works for small and medium enterprises development;

                      (d)    To place emphasis on market development to ensure wide market chain;

                      (e)    To nurture sufficient number of skilled workers and create job opportunities

                      (f)     To make contact and coordinate with local and foreign organizations to be able to receive financial and technical assistance;

                      (g)    To ensure development of micro credit business through Small and Medium Enterprises Bank;

                      (h)    To set up subcommittees and groups for respective sectors of small and medium enterprises as necessary.

sd/Thein Sein


Republic of the Union of Myanmar


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