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 Principal Strategies

Currently, Myanmar new government pays a special attention in developing SMEs and nurturing existing SMEs to become large industries and sustainable development in which social, economy and environment development. To enable to counter such challenges, it is necessary to create an Environment in which Enterprises, Including SME could growth, survive and prosper. Hence the Government is too laid down Policy, encompassing following important main pillars for strengthening the development of Environment for SME to growth:

             (a)      To support and nurture the development of important main Resources, namely:-

                         (1)       Human Resource Development.

                         (2)       Technology Development and Innovation Encouragement.

                         (3)       Provision of Financial Support.

             (b)      To implement facilitating measures, namely:-

                         (1)       To develop basic infrastructure.

                         (2)       To assist in Market development modernization of Enterprises

                         (3)      To provide favorable Taxation System and Good working practices (i.e. efficient and simplified procedures.)


Supporting Strategies

- Infrastructure Development

      - Business Support

      - Favorable Taxation Regime

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